2019 Federal Campaign

Canadians will elect their new federal government on October 21, 2019. The need for affordable housing is a persistent issue facing communities across the country that all parties should be addressing in this election campaign. We are asking all parties and their candidates, to “Make Housing Central” in their campaigns.

What is Housing Central?

Housing Central is a strategic alliance between BC Non-Profit Housing Association (BCNPHA) and the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC (CHF BC). Our mission is to strengthen and grow the community housing sector so all British Columbians have a safe, secure home they can afford.

We encourage you to share this information in your community and on social media, using the hashtag #MakeHousingCentral.

Federal Riding Guides

Take a moment to review, and/or download the customized riding guide that has been prepared for your riding, understand our key messages and get statistical data related to housing and affordability for each riding in British Columbia.  

Federal Riding Snapshot

Using our updated Canadian Rental Housing Index, based on 2016 census data, explore the health of rental housing in your community and compare your key indicators with other cities, regions, and provinces across Canada.

Housing Central Magazine

Welcome to the third joint issue of infoLINK and Scoop, our collaborative Housing Central Magazine. Inside this issue, you’ll find helpful information about the Make Housing Central campaign, and how to use the Canadian Rental Housing Index to learn about housing affordability in your riding. We’ll also share news about innovative inclusive housing collaborations, and the exciting lineup of keynotes, education and social activities we have planned for the 2019 Housing Central Conference.

Platform Analysis

During the campaign, Housing Central will review and provide analysis on the party platform and policies related to affordable housing, co-operatives and non-profit housing.  Additionally, we will review and report on any debates between the party leaders.

Question for Local Candidates

Talk to your candidate at debates or when they come to the door and ask questions:

  1. What will your party do to ensure safe, secure, and affordable housing is available to all who need it in Canada?
  2. What do you think are the main barriers and/or problems affecting the supply of rental housing in Canada? And what would your party do to address these barriers?
  3. How can your party strengthen the National Housing Strategy moving forward?
  4. How could your party better work with your provincial counterparts to ensure that co-op, non-profit and purpose built rental housing continues to be developed to meet demand?

Other Federal Campaigns

Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada Campaign “Include Coop” - https://chfcanada.coop/get-involved-with-the-includecoop-campaign/

Canadian Housing Renewal Association Campaign “A Home for Everyone” - https://www.ahomeforeveryone.ca/election-party-platforms

Generation Squeeze "Voter’s Guide" - https://www.gensqueeze.ca/

Canadian Rental Housing Index

The Canadian Rental Housing Index (CRHI) is a comprehensive database of rental housing statistics, displaying information for more than 800 regions and municipalities across the country. Read more on the rentalhousingindex.ca website