2018 Civic Campaign

During the lead-up to the October 20th, 2019 civic elections, we are asking our non-profit and cooperative housing members to take action in helping us to ensure that affordable housing is addressed by their candidates. We are also asking all candidates across the province to Make Housing Central in their campaigns.

There is no question that affordable housing is one of the single most important issues that all candidates should be addressing in this election period.

As part of our ongoing advocacy for our members, the BC Non-Profit Housing Association (BCNPHA) and the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC (CHF BC) have joined together under the umbrella of “Housing Central.” Our focus during the campaign period will be to engage and educate candidates on the need for safe, secure and affordable housing and to support our members in connecting and engaging with their local aspirants.

We encourage you to share this information in your community and on social media, using the hashtag #MakeHousingCentral

Community Guides

Take a moment to review, and/or download the customized community guide that has been prepared for your municipality, highlighting our campaign priorities, key messages and statistical data related to housing and affordability in your community.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this election guide. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Housing Central if you have questions or you require additional information.

Community Snapshot

Using our updated Canadian Rental Housing Index, based on 2016 census data, explore the health of rental housing in your community and compare your key indicators with other cities, regions, and provinces across Canada.

Make Housing Central Pledge

Candidates can show their support for affordable housing by committing to our Make Housing Central Pledge.

  • Contribute public land to the community housing sector for new affordable homes
  • Protect existing affordable housing supply through retention and replacement policies
  • Zone existing and new rental developments as rental only
  • Streamline municipal permitting and rezoning processes to fast-track development of affordable rental housing
  • Pursue partnerships with local non-profits, co-operatives and other stakeholders in the community housing sector to create new affordable housing developments


The Municipal Toolkit

Housing central is working to demystify what local governments has the legislative authority to do to support local organizations and community groups in sustaining and growing affordable housing developments. The Municipal Toolkit to Support Affordable Housing has been created to share awareness of what the specific tools are available to local governments in the planning, permitting, approval and building stages of a development application.

Question for Local Candidates

Housing Central encourages dialogue between candidates and the community housing sector, and have developed some questions for consideration when connecting with candidates.