2018 Day 3 #HousingCentral Conference

On the last day, we explored the Art Expo and learned about the value of storytelling from keynote Bill Baker! Find out how housing providers can better serve people and leave a lasting change.

We talked a lot about the future of affordable housing this week and heard from politicians, stakeholders and funders. We had a number of sessions that covered the importance of lived experiences in the community housing sector.

Members also had the opportunity to help shape the future by participating in BCNPHA’s annual general meeting to learn what our organization has accomplished in the past year and what’s being planned for the year ahead.

Our final keynote speaker, Linda Nazareth challenged us to think about how we can continue to recruit and retain our non-profit housing workforce in today’s and tomorrow’s economy.

We are thankful and indebted to the amazing staff at BCNPHA who lead all of these projects, to our board and membership who are extremely supportive during a time of great change, and to our sponsors and partners that have placed their confidence, brands and financial resources alongside ours to create some amazing change. Thank you for joining us, everyone!