Housing Research

Housing-related research is more important than ever as the affordable housing sector continues to grow and transform. Join the Pacific Housing Research Network (PHRN) for sessions that explore the latest research related to affordable and social housing in BC. Topics include inclusion and engagement, what data can tell us about housing, matching supply and demand to housing preferences and building housing partnerships.

Look for these sessions on housing research:
S06 PHRN Homelessness: Research to Action
S17 Supporting Partnerships Between Health and Homelessness
S19 PHRN Explorations on the Housing Continuum
S41 Research Dialogue
M02 International Experts on Affordable Housing
M07 PHRN Focus on Housing Rights
M22 PHRN Youth Spotlight
M36 How Municipalities Use Data to Inform Housing Policy
T06 Social Return on Investment for Supportive Housing
T16 Thought Leaders’ Dialogue: The Changing Non-Profit Workforce

Drop by the Research Dialogue on Sunday, November 18 from 3:30 to 5 pm to meet researchers – and funders – who can help answer your research questions, ideas and strategies.

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