In the Works: New Developments


With all levels of government making serious investments into affordable housing, our sector is in the midst of a major building boom and there’s a lot to consider when developing a new housing project.

From energy-efficient design to the nuances of strata regulations, the benefits of life lease developments for seniors, managing stakeholders’ money, timely communication, tenants’ rights, finance and legal issues and much more, these sessions will cover what you need to know when taking on a new or re-development project. Explore a broad range of issues including the challenges, obstacles and, ultimately, the great successes of the new non-profit housing development sector. Join us for a housing tour that will include several new developments, as well as new models in temporary housing (M14, T14 and T15).

Look for these new development sessions:
S04 New Kids on the Block
S06 Ready, Set, Build!
S10 New Options in Temporary Housing
S24 12 Affordable Housing Ideas for Non-Profit Organizations
S31 Considering Cultural Values in Project Design
M02 Enhance Mission, Capital & Operations with SPRE Partnerships
M11 Tenant Rights and Protection During Redevelopment
M18 No More Operating Subsidies?
M23 Relevant Voices: Engaging Your Tenants in Planning
M30 Facilitating a Collaborative Partnership Agreement
M36 BC Housing Shelter Guidelines
T05 Developing New Housing with a Strata Partner
T11 Energy Efficient and Resilient Homes
T17 Strategic Models for Affordable Housing Development
T18 Redevelopment: Understand the Tax Rules for Collaborations
T25 Surety & Warranty Issues in the Non-Profit Sector
T28 A Huge Opportunity for the Sector in BC: Life Lease Housing
T32 Living Together in Multi-Family Housing
T37 Cities & Non-Profits Collaborating on Affordable Housing