There’s more enthusiasm than ever for solving the crisis of homelessness and ensuring it remains rare, brief and one-time. These sessions explore the innovative work being done to understand the roots of homelessness and new housing strategies to serve those at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

Look for these sessions on homelessness:
S06 Homelessness: Research to Action
S17 Supporting Partnerships Between Health and Homelessness
S23 Couples in Shelter: Successes and Challenges
M07 PHRN Focus on Housing Rights
M31 Collaborative Community Planning Can Work!
M38 Exploring the Challenges of Brain Injury & Homelessness
T20 From NIMBY to Neighbour
T23 Reducing Barriers: Housing for Women
T29 Rural Homelessness Estimation: No Counting, No Guessing
T32 Coordinated Access & Assessment: BC Housing’s Approach
T35 Reducing Harm: Managed Alcohol Program (MAP)