New Approaches To Tackling Homelessness

Homelessness is a complex issue, made more complex when we don't align our funding, government and service provider responses. It's affecting all corners of the province, and while there’s no easy end to the crisis there are organizations and local governments implementing innovative strategies and taking positive steps to get there.

These sessions outline approaches such as Housing First, as well as co-ordinated community responses and the benefits of tracking homelessness data. Learn how homelessness is being tackled in New York as keynote speaker Emmy Tiderington discusses the Moving On initiative, and be inspired by the lived experiences of formerly homeless people in a panel discussion.

Look for these sessions on new approaches to tackle homeslessness:
S08 How to Effectively House Youth
S27 Towards Understanding Community Functioning in Housing First
M03 Co-ordinated Responses to Ending Homelessness
M15 Dialogue with Thought Leaders: Housing Transitions
M28 Surviving Homelessness: The Importance of Home
T08 Track, Understand & Address Homelessness Through HIFIS